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The IEEE student branch of NIE Institute of Technology, Mysore, celebrated IEEE Day by organizing Hub-level IEEE quiz competition -“MASTER TRIVIA” on Oct. 30. The one day event was inaugurated by chief guest Kiran Pathaak of RMJ Automation. Principal Dr. C. Vidya Raj, Vice-Principal Dr. Usha Surendra and Branch Counselor Archana of NIE-IT were present on the occasion. More than 30 teams participated in the event from different engineering colleges around Mysore. The highlight of the event was Google picture round, Do It Yourself round and participants round. Samarth and Srinidhi of SJCE were winners of the

R. Gautham and P. Sunil Sharma of NIE-IT were runners up. K.M. Sangeetha and Manju Prashanth of MIT second runner-up.

M.Sreepada Rao, Hon. Secretary, NIEIT, distributed prizes to the winners. Prizes were sponsored by RMJ Automation, Google and NIE-IT.


NEON:(NIEIT Entrepreneurship Oriented Network)

This is a non-profit student’s organization dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students. It is a part of NEN(National entrepreneurship Network) which is established by Wadhwani Foundation. The basic aim of NEON is to encourage college level students to start their own enterprise. This, it does by the following means

  • Workshops and lectures to create awareness about entrepreneurship and provides
  • Establish and sustain an eco-system for entrepreneurship.
  • To provide necessary support system for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  1. General inspiration talks and seminars.
  2. Market orientation events.
  3. Idea evaluation workshops.
  4. Business ideas competitions.
  5. Business planning activities.
  6. Flagship event : E-WEEK.


The pursuit of education has always been accompanied by the love for literature, and NIE-IT is no exception. This enthusiasm for books grew in 2012 until it finally culminated into NEBULA, The NIEIT Editorial Board, Union of Literature and Arts. This student organisation was set to the monumental task of creating the annual college magazine. From when Sharath Sir was chosen to be the first Chief coordinator, the faculty head of the board has passed on to Lakshmi ma'am and then to Rajeshwari ma'am since. Under whose guidance, NEBULA continues to produce quality magazines year after year, portraying the advancements, achievements and skill of the students of this college. The Ed board meeting are always buzzing with discussions. In every meeting, decisions are made, work is divided and we get things done. From writing, to designing, to collecting information, to press work and finally to creating the final product, Our process is a labour of love. But NEBULA is more than just an editorial board. The select few students who make it in delve in their passion for books, art and poetry in this literary club of sorts. This club has brought us students together and allows us to grow together.

Music Club

Music club –Raga

Music club –Raga was launched on February 14th of 2015 at the campus. This club motivates students and staff to actively take part in musical activities.

It encourages competitive sprits amongst its members. It regularly organize musical shows. The debut program was that of organizing Sri Purandara dasa and Sri Thyagaraja which was conducted on 16.02.2016.

Being the brain child of Nikshep Rao, Vagish Pandey, Rakesh, Balu, Varun and with encouragement from Hon.Secretary Sri. S K Lakshminarayana and Principal Dr. Vidya Raj C, some instruments were procured for the club. The music club has achieved and showcased the several events.

The first performance of the music club was in the college fest of IGNIEIT 2015 The genres of music performed are :- Classical Rock Songs, Bollywood Songs, Western Songs. The instruments are usually a mixture of Indian and Western and are as follows :
Indian : Flute, Violin, Veena , Tabala, Mridangam
Western : Guitar, Drums, Keyboard

In August 2015 , the new enrollment drive was conducted and the number of talents were increased. The present members of the club are Chethan D, Rakesh, Vagish Pandey, Varun Kousthub, Balu, Nikshep Rao, Vinu Casper, Medha Manjunath, Suraj, Suhas Chinthan, Sajal Raj, Tushara S, Hrithik Raj, Keshav C S, Amogh M, Sri krishna, Priya C, Rachana, Amritha and the others.